[Sca-cooks] testing bread recipes with Peter Reinhart

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 2 11:23:15 PDT 2008

Maybe we should chronicle from the sidelines then, Peter willing.

And a slack dough is pretty much what it sounds like, floppy and soft.  
Good for things that you want to come out not-too-hard, like sweet 
rolls.  Not always easy to handle though.

Looking forward to the adventure, Selene

Betsy Marshall wrote:
> And the fact that I have no clue what a "slack dough" is, probably is a good
> indication I shouldn't apply, but I would be interested in following along
> from the sidelines! Betsy
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> Sandra Kisner wrote:
>> I get the impression (assuming we're all accepted, and I think chances 
>> are good) that it would be ok for us to discuss questions (but NOT 
>> recipes!) here, to bounce ideas around for improving instructions or 
>> changing small things.  Along the lines of "how do you deal with a 
>> dough so slack?" or "I followed instructions and the loaf came out all 
>> wet inside, what can cause that?"
>> Sandra 
> Maybe I'm a stickler, but I'm going to wait until he gives us 
> instructions before saying I'll discuss with anyone.  He may not want us 
> to.  I am willing to abide by the conditions of the experiment.
> Some situations call for a slack dough, after all.  ;-)
> Selene

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