[Sca-cooks] testing bread recipes with Peter Reinhart

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 2 12:22:27 PDT 2008

>And the fact that I have no clue what a "slack dough" is, probably is a good
>indication I shouldn't apply, but I would be interested in following along
>from the sidelines! Betsy

Actually, he specifically says beginners are welcome to apply.  After all, 
your input may help clarify something that *he* understands perfectly well 
as a professional, but that might be unclear to some of the cookbook's 
future buyers, who aren't pros.  It's really easy to leave out things - in 
cooking instructions, in computer coding, in driving directions - because 
your brain fills in the blanks for you when you already know what's going on.


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