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Rosemary and ginger rub? Boy, does that sound good!
I make scallops occasionally, but they're really expensive, this far inland. 
I've got a recipe somewhere for scallops that are *briefly* marinated in a 
miso-based sauce, and then sauteed and served over buckwheat noodles 
(soba?).  Very good.  Broiling them sounds yummy, too, but I've got a 
useless broiler on my stove, so that's not an option, darn it!

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> Usually, what I do is to brush the scallops (I use the larger sea
> scallops...I think their flavor is better) with butter, then sprinkle on
> some salt, a little pepper and either a seafood seasoning (I like Stubbs
> Rosemary and Ginger Rub or perhaps a light touch of Old Bay) or maybe some
> marjoram or tarragon, then broil.  As is the case with most seafood, be 
> very
> careful not to over cook them...they should be lightly browned on each 
> side.
> Kiri

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