[Sca-cooks] Couple of quick questions for the list....

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 5 18:21:08 PDT 2008

Hi, i'm just back from October Crown, so i'm getting in a little late.

Maire wrote:
>1.  I'm trying to track down a particular kind of cheese I had in 
>this astonishing salad in Santa Monica this past summer.  I suspect, 
>but have not verified, that they may have been using a really fresh 
>buffalo mozarella. It had a fresh taste, was fairly pale, and had a 
>texture unlike any cheese I've ever eaten--a bit like a cow's milk 
>mozarella, but somehow creamier? like a cross between a mozarella 
>and a cream cheese? Definitely not chewy or crumbly....It was served 
>as part of a caprese salad, made with heirloom tomatoes, organic 
>evoo, and baby arugula....mmm......

Sounds like a recently fashionable cheese call Burata, which one 
website described as "like a mozzarella truffle" - the outer layer is 
a fresh mozzarella, the inside is a mozzarella cream.
Just back from October Crown
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