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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Oct 6 00:48:01 PDT 2008

Daniel suggested:

<<< If I might suggest a book, see if you can find "the Scallop,  
Studies of a
shell and its influences on humankind."  Published in London by the  
Transport and Trading Company 1957.  Eight Authors.  The chapters are  
a Word's Pedigree, The Living Scollop, A Symbol of Ancient Times, The  
of St. James, The Cradle of Venus, Escollops in Armory, An Excursion  
the Americas and The Scollop at the Table. >>>

Thank you, Daniel.

I just checked Amazon, not expecting this book to be available or at  
least not at a price I could afford at this time. But I found used  
copies (since it was printed in 1957, new copies are probably not  
available anyway) for $1.98 on up depending upon the condition.  So I  
ordered a copy.  So anyone else who might have been thinking about  
getting this book might go look.

The book was cheaper, including shipping, than the scallops i've seen  
for sale. Lol.

I was surprised that the poster of this book recommendation wasn't   
Johnna. "The Librarian". :-)

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