[Sca-cooks] Diapers and other ways to save money

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 17:31:22 PDT 2008

    Toilet seats for cats, cooking pottery for the newly wed, et al. 
seems to be a daily dash to keep abreast of new trends of thinking and 
how to economize.
    The new thought is that diapers are no longer necessary, except if 
one has a baby boy, they are spread on top of baby just in case Mom 
misses a urination. I guess if it is a girl then you would put a layer 
underneath, no?  The rest of the time the mother watches and when baby 
needs to go she sets him over a bowl and he does his thing. She more or 
less learns his timing. At 8 months he is potty trained and crawls to 
his bowl or whatever. Now this works with a mother who does not work but 
not with one who does. Perhaps it would be interesting for Mark's wife 
as she works in this area. If you have any queries I am sure google has 
something. At least Luna Maya birth clinic practices this and can inform 
you more.
    The cost of feeding animals! When visiting my daughter, mate, dog 
and cat, the pressure cooker, I gave them on a previous visit, was in 
constant use. I wondered if I should not buy them another for they were 
always preparing not only their food but the animals' too.
    Now that I have a kitten I see a little can of cat food costs 500 
pesos. I consulted google and found kitten recipes. I bought a chicken, 
a pumpkin, string beans and zuchinni. I stewed that with herbs in the 
presser cooker and got five individual meals for the family and 18 for 
the cat which I put in the food processor and than divided all his 
portions in the ice trays, as cubes, and froze his. His 18 meals came 
out to be a total of 300 pesos. I found chicken livers and have procured 
fish at very low prices. With all that I polvarize egg shells and have a 
vitamin mineral liquid from the vet so little Robin Red Cat will be big 
Lion Robin before we know it on less than a dollar a day!  


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