[Sca-cooks] Lamb's Tongue

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Oct 8 19:31:10 PDT 2008

Beef tongue recipes prior to 1500 appear in English under the
title longe de buf or lange beof.  One appears in the Liber Cure Cocorum.
Cindy Renfrow transcribed it into modern English as:
64. Tongues of beef.

Take the ox tongue and skin it well,
Seethe it, pierce it with lard each part,
You shall stud it With cloves,
Then put it to [the] fire and roast it all; [ Page 27 
<http://www.pbm.com/%7Elindahl/lcc/LCC29small.html> ]
With yolks of eggs baste it aye
While that it roasts, as I say [to] you.
Then take blood, that is so dear,
Boil it in fresh broth of the beef,
Pound it quite well in a mortar,
Put in fair grease, that is so clear;
Season it with very good spices withal,
And then, serve it into the hall;
To the aforesaid tongue this sauce is prepared,
Here ends our pottage [by] very good right. [End of Pottages, beginning 
of Sauces]


I've not found one for lamb's tongue, but I will keep looking.

> Hi everyone,
> I picked up a couple of lamb's tongues at the butcher this morning (very
> much an 'oh cool, I've never seen them before' purchase). Way back in
> the dark ages I've cooked beef tongue, but never lamb's tongue (which is
> about a fifth the size!). So does anyone have a Lamb's Tongue recipe
> they recommend? Period recipe would be nice, but am quite happy to give
> modern a whirl too.
> Al Servizio Vostro,
> Lucrezia

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