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Lucrezia asked:
<<< So does anyone have a Lamb's Tongue recipe they recommend? Period
recipe would be nice, but am quite happy to give modern a whirl too. >>>

Well, doing search on 'lamb's tongue" in the Florilegium turns up this
recipe in this file in the FEAST section:
Psge-East-Fst-art (29K)  3/21/01    A 15th century Italian feast.

{Seasoned Salad}

P IV 5

There may be likewise a seasoned salad from lettuce, borage, mint,
calamint, fennel, parsley, wild thyme, marjoram, chervil, sow-thistle,
which doctors call taraxicon, lancet, which they call lamb's tongue,
nightshade, flower of fennel, and several other aromatic herbs,
well-washed and with the water pressed out.  They need a large dish.
They ought to be sprinkled with a lot of salt and moistened with oil,
then after vinegar has been poured over and when they have sat for a
little while, their wild toughness demands eating and chewing well with
the teeth.  This dish requires more oil and less vinegar {medicinal
advise omitted}."

Uh, not what you really wanted? :-).  Well, that's all on lamb's tongues
that i have, unfortunately.  Doing a search on just "tongue"  
does turn up some recipes using animals other than lambs.  Perhaps some
of those would work with lamb's tongues.

The there are also the "tongue in cheek"  items, but I doubt those are
what you are looking for, either.

The above recipe mentions "nightshade".  From previous discussions on
tomatoes, I thought nightshade was poisonous.  Are the leaves not the
poisonous part? Or perhaps we have a mis-translation here?


LOL!	No, I think if there were any green on my lamb's tongues I'd be
very worried! 


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