[Sca-cooks] What the tourist cannot know

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Oct 11 18:53:21 PDT 2008

Suey mentioned:

<<< Anyway my idea is to create a Stefan file 'what the tourist  
cannot know'
which can include an off beat restaurant on the way to Puerto . . .or an
off beat beautiful place on the way to ??? >>>

Actually there already is some of this sort of information in the  
Florilegium.  Most of it is in the CULTURES section, which in  
addition to comments and references to history in a particular  
region, also gives recommendations of places to visit, from medieval  
sites to some food places. However, in keeping with the purpose of  
the site, the information needs to have some connection to the Middle  

For instance:
England-msg       (52K)  4/ 9/05    Medieval points of interest in  
Greenland-msg     (20K)  9/28/02    Greenland history. Period points  
of interest

Many of the bits of info originally came from this list.  I do have  
this file:
Nw-World-sit-msg  (16K)  8/24/06    New World sites of interest to  
SCA folks.

But again, these are going to be sites with some connection to the  
Middle Ages. So I have some info on the reconstructed ironworks in  
the northeast US, even though these were built later than 1600 CE,  
but you won't find the reviews of the many interesting restaurants  
that Adamantius has mentioned

I always welcome additional info. Either as a small email I can add  
to a current file or as an article, such as this one by Nicolaa, also  
in the CULTURES section:
Leicester-art     (11K)  2/ 7/01    "Going Home" by Mistress Nicolaa de
                                        Bracton of Leicester.

<<< or perhaps that Merrill Lynch
gentleman or a travel agent who makes it possible to finance that trip
to your favorite place or wherever . . .!! >>>

That is a bit too far from our medieval subjects. However, I have  
saved some information on some organized tours which concentrate on  
visiting medieval sites and museums in Europe which may eventually  
find it's way into a file.   Someday *I* and my wife would like to  
make sure a trip, but a combination of having no job and the heavily  
declining dollar is pushing out that dream.

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