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Depending on where you are going in Utah.... taking Bear Lake route or Weber Canyon??  If you take Bear Lake route (snow allowing??), stop at Smithfield Implement in Smithfield (north of Logan).  Also, if you take Sardine Canyon out of Logan into Brigham, you can take the left turn at the stop light (if memory serves me right) to go through Fruit Row between Brigham and Willard... you may be able to get some late goodies at the markets there!  When I lived in Logan, Fruit Row was always a treat!!  :-)  Now, I'm in Iowa, and have had a ball dealing with wild grapes, elderberries, mulberries, chokecherries, and wild plums.... plus apples and peaches, black walnuts and hickory nuts.  Yes, canning is definitely addictive... and now, I wait for December for the phone calls asking if I'm ready for a deer!  I usually end up with 4 - 5 of them to dress out!  Life is SO rough!  ;-)

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> Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] OOP canning adventures

> We did an incredible amount of canning when I was a young girl.  I put all of that away when I started my adult life because quite frankly ... I didn't have time.  I had forgotten how amazing it was until I inherited my ex-husband's mother's pressure canner late last fall.  I had also forgotten how EXPENSIVE the startup is ($10.00 a case for the 12 oz jars).  I am actually getting in on the late side of the local fall harvest so the stock of jars is somewhat ... limited ... in the back end of Wyoming.  I do have appointments in Utah next week and I will check around there for more jars.
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