[Sca-cooks] possibly OT: More NPR kitchen stories (was What the tourist cannot know)

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 15 15:05:30 PDT 2008

margaret wrote:
>Another excellent food show (and one of potential interest to SCA cooks)
>from (I think) KQED is "Hidden Kitchens" by the "Kitchen Sisters"-- the two
>hosts travel the country and finds kitchens and kitchen stories in places
>you might not expect...  (SNIP) ...By
>their definition, all SCA feasts (and most kitchens at camping events) are
>hidden kitchens.
>Website, with a number of the stories, is
>The Kitchen Sisters encourage their listeners/readers to send them stories
>and suggestions.

The "Kitchen Sisters" do a radio show. They also have a book out... 
The show is aired on many NPR (that's National Public Radio) stations 
around the US. The segments cover many different states and 
subcultural groups. I kept waiting for an SCA camp kitchen story, but 
never heard one. Plus many if not most of their stories, as 
fascinating as they are, cover kitchens one cannot visit easily.

"Check Please!" is a TV show, and each of the three versions is 
specific to the local city and local PBS (Public Broadcasting System) 
TV station on which it is shown. Each show (Chicago, San Francisco 
Bay Area, South Florida) only covers its own region. This is useful 
to visitors in those areas.

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