[Sca-cooks] What the Tourist Cannot Know

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Wed Oct 15 15:40:36 PDT 2008

Johnna wrote:
>I still have a membership in AAA, so I always get the AAA guidebooks
>and maps for the US and Canada. It takes longer these days to get
>information from
>the various states, but they still have tourist information available and
>often can provide even coupon books or savings. Likewise if you are
>driving past an interstate visitors center, why not stop and see what
>they have?

AAA books are useful. But i find that their restaurant recommendation 
are too "safe". I mean, i understand that they are intended to be 
that way, so i don't fault them for that. But i'm looking for 
something more "interesting". So my books were no help to me on my 
trip home from Pennsic.

*IF* i have a car next year (the city of Oakland is hinting that they 
might go bankrupt, like the nearby city of Vallejo, so may not pay me 
anything), and *IF* i go to Pennsic (and i really want to), i want to 
have a lap top with me to search for local restaurants on the trip 
home. And i should look for Lonely Planet books for the US... i found 
their book VERY helpful in Morocco.
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