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Wed Oct 15 23:47:47 PDT 2008

Malkin said:
<<< GREAT ideas!  I am temporarily the coordinator of largess for TRM  
Timmur and Tianna, Artemisia (until a more local one can be hired).   
Spiced wine Jelly sounds WAY too cool.  >>>

If you need more largess ideas or what to point folks to a file of  
largess ideas, see this file in the SCA_INC section of the Florilegium:
largess-ideas-msg (51K) 11/30/00    Ideas for largess and gifts.  
Royalty gifts.

<<< Not experienced enough with mustard to try that as yet.  >>>

Making mustard is not that difficult. Jadwiga teaches a class at  
Pennsic where she provides a bunch of different ingredients including  
whole mustard seeds, and lets people grind the seeds and then make  
their own mustard.

See these files in the FOOD-CONDIMENTS section of the Florilegium for  
a number of different period recipes and comments.
Mustard-art        (5K)  9/14/00    "Mustard" by Ld. Daniel le Vascon  
du Navarre
Mustard-Making-art (36K) 12/ 7/03    "Making Medieval-Style Mustards"  
by Pani
                                        Jadwiga Zajaczkowa.
mustard-msg      (154K)  2/13/08    Mustard seed in period. sauces.  

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