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Wyvern Cliffe of Calontir has been doing it for 20 years now.
But any variation on collecting toys for the Marine Corp. is a kool idea and
any group or Kingdom should be commended for their work.
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> This is such a cool idea--
>For those inspired by Prince Gunthar's love of toys (and
>ponies!), he and Princess Elizabeth invite you to bring
>an unwrapped toy in its original packaging, ponies or
>otherwise, to bring happiness to a child during the
>upcoming Yule season.
> Collection will begin at Coronation, and will continue
>through Their Progress during the Yule season. All toys
>will be donated to /Toys for Tots./

the outlands has long had an association with the Toys for
Tots drive.  Baronies have tournaments, and toy mongering
is one of the favorite passtimes in the fall.

i believe the Outlands has led the Kingdoms of the Known
World in the number of toys collected, and our own crown
has often thrown down the Toys for Tots gauntlet at
Estrella War.

time to ask the new VP if i can put that box in the

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