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Elizabeth said:

<<< The idea came about to address the ponies and toys that offen  
just appear on our thrones or in our general vicinity. Gunthar has a  
very playful nature, has been known to make a toy out of anything at  
hand, and has more than once mentioned ponies in e-mails on Baronial  
and Kingdom lists. Our head of entourage came up with the Toys for  
Tots idea and we decided to incorporate it into the first part of our  
reign, which falls during the holiday season. >>>

Hmmm. I got the impression from the earlier message that the toys had  
to be store bought. Maybe they do need to be for the Toys for Tots  

But on the more general topic of toys for Gunthar, there are these  
Florilegium files:

2-Hobbyhorses-art  (5K)  1/28/01    "Two Ideas for Hobbyhorses" by  
                                        Slaine ni Chiarain.
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toys-msg          (63K)  7/20/99    Period and SCA toys.
Toys-in-th-MA-art (26K)  8/30/99    "Toys in the Middle Ages" By Lady  
                                        of Ravenscroft.
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whips-msg         (22K)  2/26/08    Medieval whips. Construction and  
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