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Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Oct 21 20:08:14 PDT 2008

Earlier today before Huette posted her summary, I asked Cindy what she 
had on Clary and she sent this to me.
In case we need more or if Stefan wants it for his files, here's what 
she had to say. She does mention
a number of recipe sources.


In addition to Claret, which is a red wine from Bordeaux, there are also:
Clarrey, a spiced wine/ale mixture (see Forme of Cury #205);
Potus clarreti pro domino (Royal MS 17A iii), a spiced & fortified 
hydromel drink;
Clarrey (ibid) a spiced & sweetened wine;
And Clary Wine itself. There are recipes for Clary Wine (and yes they 
*do* call for clary flowers. John Murrell, Charles Carter, Hannah Glasse 
and A New System of Domestic Cookery all have recipes for Clary Wine.
Clary sage flowers or clary water also appear in several wine recipes 
where clary is not the predominate flavoring.
All the above recipes can be found in A Sip Through Time.

For the herb itself, try www.pennherb.com That's where I got some many 
years ago, though I wasn't happy with the quality of the product – I 
wanted the dried flowers, but they arrived chopped up and mixed with the 
cut herb.


Cindy Renfrow

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