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Suey asked:

<<< For me eating lamb without mint is a crime. I guess my visits
to England and North America have always been around mint eating lambs.
If anyone has a recipe for either I would be most grateful. >>>

I seem to remember comments that while Selanjabin is still available  
in the Middle East, it is used more as a mint sauce than as a  
beverage. So you might want to look in this file in the BEVERAGES  
section of the Florilegium for confirmation of this or so some web  
searches on this. I'd think the idea is simply to use the syrup and  
not dilute it with water as you do to make a beverage.  But many  
people may also consider the syrup to be too sweet.

jalabs-msg        (94K)  4/22/08    Drinks with a sugar or honey- 
syrup base such
                                        as Sekanjabin (Persian Mint  

In a recipe in the  lamb-mutton-msg file,  Adellind le Quintain   
suggests using " Either: mint jelly, or fresh mint leaves and honey"  
for a sauce.

Another comment in the same file "And yes, rosemary and mint are the  
most common and tasty accompanying
spices for lamb (as long as you stay away from most nasty commercial  
jellies) but many other flavors go very well with it- juniper
berries, as an example.


You might also be interested in looking through this file at the  
period and other suggested recipes for cooking lamb.

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