[Sca-cooks] Cooks and Bards' Symposium

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sun Oct 26 19:13:58 PDT 2008

In my case, it would be lovely to be able to attend and teach at KWCB 
again but I am afraid that I can't.
The degenerative arthritis combined with the damage from the 2002 
original injury in the left knee have become
so bad that there are days now when I cannot even drive the ten blocks 
up town and back.
Increasingly, I can't leave the house, let alone actually attend an 
event.  It's that awful.
I thought about having my husband and son bring me to the KWCB but it so 
happens that November 8th is Tech day
at the UM. My husband is an associate dean at the UM so guess who is  
tied up with Tech Day???
Our son is going along to tour the campus and have fun.
Anyway with them tied up in Ann Arbor, that means no event for me.


Elaine Koogler wrote:
> I know I'm not the autocrat...nor am I the person in charge of classes.  But
> I am terribly disappointed at the number of classes that are being taught at
> this event.  There are supposed to be two days worth of classes, and what is
> currently on the web site is less than a single day's number of classes.  I
> know of two others that have been proposed but not added to the list.  Now
> this is a real pity from an organization that has so many talented cooks.  I
> know that time is short, but you guys should look at your time/schedule and
> see if there isn't some way you can come to the event and teach a class.
> When I asked about a week or so ago who was planning to go, I think maybe
> three people responded!
> I really hope to see more of you guys at the symposium...and to see some
> more really exciting classes!
> Kiri

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