[Sca-cooks] Historical Apples

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Sun Oct 26 19:46:23 PDT 2008

Stefan wrote:
>  > So, what varieties are available today (without growing one's own)
>  > that are period or close to period? Are Pippins as close as we can
>  > get? (crab apples are an awful lot of work for a feast)
>  >
>  Why are crabapples a lot of work for a feast? Because they are small?


Now, I happen to be a fan of crab apples. When i was a child in 
Illinois, we had a crab apple tree in our yard and i loved to sit 
under it and eat the apples. I did not enjoy eating our pears, 
however - i'm just not a big pear fan.

But in the SCA, if one is cooking for 60 or 100 or more people, 
making something like apple moyse, i hate to think how many teeny 
tiny crab apples one will have to peel and core to make a reasonable 
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