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Kiri asked:

<<< I'm not even sure this is the right way to spell this...peary?   
sound right!  However, I will be the proud owner of at least a gallon of
pear juice in a week or so...I'd love to make perry with it...I know  
this is a period drink, so it seems like a good thing to do with this
stuff.  However, I don't have a recipe...does anyone have any ideas?  It
would be great if it were a period recipe, but it's not critical. >>>

See this file in the BEVERAGES section of the Florilegium:
perry-msg         (10K)  2/ 5/06    A cider made with pear juice.

Among some references to period recipes it includes:


Subject: Re: perry difficulties

 > Pear cider (perry) is much more complicated than apple cider.

I have never found this to be so.  Using pretty much the exact methods
Markham describes I have never had a bad experience, although living
in first PA and then CT I find it impossible to get a true perry pear.
(generally, they're not available in the US)  I've had success with a
mixture of Bosc and Bartlett although the ratio varies from batch to

Since it's one of the most popular things I ferment, I'm wondering
what made you make the claim?

Lettice, Lady Peyton

So you might also want to look through these files in the same section:
cider-art         (23K) 10/31/95    Article on brewing ciders.
cider-msg        (102K)  1/10/07    Apple and other ciders. Cider  


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