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is Lochac's Brewer's Vintners and Imbibers Guild Newsletter... 
Remember the email was a brain dump in 2003 resurrected for Lilliah..
 Now I will do it up into an article but NOT in the next few weeks...
 Well, I've just had a feast dumped on my lap with 2 weeks notice...
Well actually a whole weekend... I've put together a feast plan I
think we can achieve... I have a budget for A$4200 for 120 people for
a weekend, which includes equipment hire (Meat Roasters).  The ex-gf
(who's on very good terms) had to pull out because her Mum's cancer
has returned and with that and exams she's not capable of also running
a feast.  I'm glad she pulled out now rather than 2 days before
 The menu concept set  was not my own and I'm not entirely
confortable with autocrat setting food menus, so I've re-arranged it
and 'gussied' it up a hell of a lot... I have a reputation for fine
food to uphold...
 The Draft Menu plan so far is:
 Friday Night Soup Kitchen
 Soup of Parsnips and Leeks (Duszony Por z pasternak i Gier),
 Cream of Carrot Soup (Havoc Corbasi),
 Rolles of manchet, 
 Freshe Fruit.
 Sat Breakfast
 Collops (Bacon) and Eggs,
 Gruel with Fruit Compote,
 Soft Manchet,
 Freshe Fruit.
 Sat Lunch
 Stuffed Eggs,
 Cold Roast Chicken,
 Herb Cheese Balls,
 Small Cakes (iced),
 Swiss Chard Tart,
 Chicken and Bacon Tart,
 Fresh Fruit, nuts, dried fruit,
 Soft manchet
 Sat Dinner
 A remove from the East
 A mixed Plate of Nuts, Dates, Herb Cheese Balls, 
   Olives, Fruit, oil, rice rolles and other aperitifs,
 Manchet from the finest ovens,
 Roast haunch of Lamb stuffed with herbes,
 A quartet of Lamb Dishes:
   Madira (Lamb with Curd, Salt. Lemons, and Mint),
   Tuffahiya (Lamb with Apples, Mint and Almonds),
   Safarjaliyya (Lamb with Quince),
   Labaniyyah (Lamb with Riz, Curd and leeke),
 Chicken Maqluba in Pastye,
 Mushroom Maqluba in Pastye,
 Chickpeas in fine dress.
 A remove from the West
 Roast Chicken barded with Honey and Lemon sauce,
 Tart of Meat and fruit,
 Herbed Fish Cakes from the Monk's Ponds,
 Tartes With Swiss Chard and Cheese,
 A sallet of Greens and Herbs.
 Sweetmeats of the Levant
 A plate of Dates, Figs, Nuts,
 Almond Macaroons,
 Caboobs of Hais,
 Blodeuwedd's Famously Sticky Pastries,
 Fresh Sliced fruit,
 Quince Paste in Shapes,
 A Tarte of Strawberries and Cherries,
 Sun Breakfast
 Griddle Cakes,
 Egges with Herbes,
 Gruel with Fruit Compote,
 Soft Manchet,
 Freshe Fruit.
 Sun Lunch
 Hard Boil Eggs,
 Leftover Meates,
 Cheese and Herb Balls,
 Swiss Chard Tart,
 Chicken and Bacon Tart,
 Fresh Fruit, nuts, dried fruit,
 Rolles of Manchet.
 2 sotolties too - a gingerbread castle and a Turkish Delight
 Insane Drakey...
 On Tue 28/10/08  7:56 AM , Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
 Drakey said: 
 Yes, you should.  I'm not sure  what "BVI" is, but yes you should   
 definitely write up this article and send it to Stefan for his   
 Florilegium files. 

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