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Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 28 13:40:46 PDT 2008

I appreciate all the chat about period apple trees - of course, in my 
first post, i listed a number that others are re-listing again (yes, 
that's redundant, but so is listing the apples i already listed).

The problem isn't getting a tree... well, yes, that is a problem. I 
live in a second story apartment with no balcony or deck - so i have 
nowhere to put a tree.

But what i perceive as my problem is finding a source of period - or 
near period - apples locally.

Yes, i can buy crab apples and lady apples at the Berkeley Bowl. But 
they're too darned small to use for a feast, and, as should be the 
case for REAL produce, they have a short season.

I don't want to know how old Winter Pearmains, etc., since i cannot 
buy them at the store, plus I did list them in my first post with 
their 13th century date.

So boiling it down, I want to know:
** which of the typical commercial apples available generally in the 
US are as close as one can come to SCA- period apples**
(might also help Canadians, but you guys grow your own :-)
(plus I concede that in this case it'll have to be European apples)
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