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Wed Oct 29 04:04:37 PDT 2008

Confusing terminology, I think.

When I said crabapple, I meant any of the numerous Malus sp.  A fair few of which like M. coronaria, and M. fusca, are native to North America.

The Orchard apple, in fact, originated in Asia, according to the latest in genetic and pomological research.

The thing you always have to keep in mind is that apples of all types cross-breed with abandon.  The only way to maintain a variety is essentially to clone it via grafting or budding.  

Thus, all newer apples are either crosses of cultivated apples, crosses of wild apples and cultivated apples, or "sports".  Stefan, I promise I'll answer your message in further detail a little later when I have a moment.  ;-)


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> To my understanding, apples are indigenous to Europe. Crabapples possible
> origin may be Scotland or Sweden.
> When you say "New World" are you mostly speaking of present day crabapples
> or has there been a discovery on crabapples indigenous to the Americas?
> De

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