[Sca-cooks] Historical Apples - substitutions for

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Oct 29 07:37:36 PDT 2008

Part of the problem with doing a tasting party at Pennsic is
that in late July the number of varieties that might be offered
would probably be severely limited. A November or December
event might be better.


Mark S. Harris wrote:
> <<< Better yet might be to order a sampler pack of period apples and 
> modern varieties from one of the growers like Treemendus and have an 
> apple tasting party.  (with cheese, and water crackers, etc.  >>>
> Thank you for the reminder.  That was mentioned last year, and I've 
> thought of doing this, but as you mention, the season for various 
> varieties isn't that long and I started looking too late in the season 
> last year.
> <<< I've done it once with hard cider, as well - but that makes it 
> awfully hard to remember what apples you did like).  >>>
> Maybe someone could do this at Pennsic? One of the last times I was at 
> Pennsic, maybe it was after Jadwiga's mustard class, I remember being 
> part of an impromptu Sekanjabin tasting at a nearby camp. It was 
> amazing the variation you could get from one recipe depending upon the 
> varieties of vinegar and sugar and mint used.
> snipped
> Thanks,
> Stefan 

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