[Sca-cooks] New Book on Maya Cooking- Gene Anderson

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Wed Oct 29 18:44:30 PDT 2008

Hi, all. Gene Anderson has just self-published a book on Mayan cooking
that some of you may be interested in. He asked me to tell folks on
Authentic Cooks, and I thought y'all might be interested too.

He also sent me a copy, so I'll be letting you know more about it as
soon as I read it. Mean time, if anyone wants a copy, the
information's included.

Dear Authentic Cooks:  I have just brought out a book, MAYALAND
CUISINE, about the traditional cooking of the Maya areas of
Mexico--the Yucatan Peninsula plus the states of Chiapas and Tabasco.
The recipes are all things I collected myself from people there or
translated from obscure local cookbooks (mostly pamphlets of very
limited circulation). The recipes are all traditional--which sometimes
means they go back 2000 years and sometimes only 100, so use with
caution if you want to be authentically pre-1700!  Most (if not all)
of them have very old roots, though.  They represent a fusion of Maya
(and sometimes Aztec) cooking with south Spanish cuisine, which in
turn was very heavily influenced by Moorish cooking.  I take this all
apart in the introduction, which has a lot on the Moorish input.  The
recipes are almost all kitchen-tested (I admit I didn't try making
sausage and a few other things of that nature).
 It's published via Lulu.com. You should be able to get it off
amazon.com and the other online bookstores, if Lulu is distributing it
as promised. Should cost around $10.95.
Best wishes, E. N. Anderson

Saint Phlip

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