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 Wish I'd seen this before... I would have sent my recipe from Cloud
Forest Hall Rules for Eating and Drinking for Green Prawn Rolls (name
doesn't portray the fact its a soup)... One of the nicest and lightest
seafood soups I've had for awhile...
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 To all those on this list who supplied information and documentation
 assistance to my son, 
 Greetings and much thanks. 
 My son's soup won honorable mention at the Barony of Bright Hills  
 Trial by Fire competition.  The judges comments included several  
 compliments.  The first was that they plan to use his soup in a  
 future event lunch.  The second was that judges previous did not
 this kind of soup.  Now they do.  My son has been asked to come back
 next year and cook again and the judges want to see him in the  
 kitchen more at future events. 
 The assistance given was gratly appreciated.  He is already planning
 his next entry. 
 HL Sindara Lind Rachael of the Falconshield 
 Chaim's proud mother. 
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  >Noble Cousin! 
  >Are you sure that you haven't eaten carp? As I recall, it's pretty

  >popular at Chinese restaurants. If you live in an area with Asian 
  >markets, you may be able to buy carp. 
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