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Question: How many people is each dish supposed to feed?

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> With the exception of August (because of Pennsic), the Middle Kingdom 
> Cooks
> list has been regularly having "challenges" among its members. These may
> include things like virtual siege challenges, disaster recovery challenges
> (e.g.,, the kitchen burned down the night before the event, what do you
> do?), or thought provokers intended to spur discussions (e.g., other than
> your chef's knife, what single tool is essential to your recreation?).
> Challenges are issued (by me, based on private requests and my little ol'
> evil imagination), the first of every month or the closest day thereto if
> that day falls on a weekend or a holiday. I issued September's Challenge
> this morning and thought that, now that I've resubscribed to SCA Cooks,
> perhaps people here might be interested in seeing the challenges as well.
> Enjoy,
> Iasmin
> ***************************************
> In honor of being back from Pennsic (and at the request of a few members),
> this month's Cook's Challenge is a good, old fashioned, (virtual) siege
> challenge, taken from Iasmin's Disaster Deck (minus the disaster).
> The Challenge:
> You are the besieged in a fortified location. Your food stores are running
> low and you must figure out a way to end the siege to avoid the 
> possibility
> of starvation. Your enemy has agreed to parlay at your location and you 
> must
> appear to be able to hold out for many more months should negotiations go
> poorly. Your goals are to create the greatest number of *tasty* and viable
> dishes with only the ingredients listed below.
> The Rules:
> -- You have unlimited supplies of fat and water.
> -- You must use recipes that would have been used in period and you must
> list the title and general description of the recipe.
> -- You must list roughly the amount of the ingredients you're using in the
> recipe (and obviously your total amounts must equal those listed below).
> -- You can split the amount of an ingredient as much as you need to 
> between
> recipes in order to make the dishes you need to.
> -- You can assume you have a a fully functional medieval or renaissance
> kitchen, not just a fire pit.
> -- Your time is not limited for preparation, but you probably don't have
> more than two days before the negotiations must take place.
> The Ingredients:
> You have exactly these ingredients to spare for you dinner and no more 
> (with
> the exception of the fat and water)....
> -- one 3 lb whole roasting chicken, all parts attached (except the 
> feathers)
> -- 3 chicken eggs
> -- 1 lbs of brown rice
> -- 2 cups whole wheat flour
> -- 5 spring onions (green onions with the stalks attached)
> -- 1/2 cup dried prunes
> -- 2 rather runty apples
> -- 1/2 cup dried currants
> -- a whole lemon, rather wrinkled
> -- 1/2 lb white, hard cheese, unknown type
> -- 1/2 cup olive oil
> -- 1/2 cup honey
> -- 1 cup goat's milk
> -- 1/2 lbs fresh spinach
> -- 3 large, red carrots, tops attached (in miraculously good condition)
> -- 1 small bunch of thyme
> -- 2 sticks of cinnamon
> -- 1/4 cup whole, raw almonds
> What do you cook?
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