[Sca-cooks] Can you identify the food?

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Tue Sep 2 21:58:44 PDT 2008

I sent this as a looky here, neat painting, have fun.
Going left to right.
There appears to be either a leaf or a lime on the lower left corner next to
what appears to be an orange (or could it be a grapefruit?). The pink thingy
looks to be a flower (rose?) the platter contains peaches and grapes. I had
not thought of apricots but in comparison to the peaches on the other
platter, I see that as a slim possibility as the leaves in front of the
platter are grape and the others could pass as apricot leaves as peach
leaves tend to be narrower (grew up with apricot and peach tree in the back
yard). Two figs are on the left of the table near the server's pants. At
first glance I thought the item in the upper left was a cheese round but on
the right side of it, there seems to be a stem so it is a melon. The head
cook? is handing the server a plate of red cherries. Between the front two
platters are cherries. On the second front platter you have peaches and
pears. Behind the platter are some figs, peach and peach half. Pomegranates
on the right front corner with a platter of two types of figs behind them.
The table cloth appears to be covering a Persian rug, which to my
understanding, the rugs were first used as table covers before they were
used as rugs in the Mediterranean and European households (has anyone heard
The table in the front has two wine decanters. A platter and matching
decanter of which I think (once upon a time I read somewhere) this would
have been filled with water. The set would have been used to wash hands, aka
finger bowl.
To the right of the set is a pomegranate and to the right of that a pear and
possibly a piece of the pomegranate rind.
The boy server is carrying a platter of figs.

Thank you for answering andhope you had a bit of fun.
On a side note, I found this rare seed site when looking for Italian Melons.
Thought some may be interested.


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