[Sca-cooks] Can you identify the food?

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Wed Sep 3 12:01:47 PDT 2008

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Michael Gunter wrote:
>> I am pretty sure that is not a pear but a quince, just looking at the >
puckery folds on the blossom end. Did historical breeds of pears have >
those? Quinces do.
> Considering this is a feast and the fruits are being sent
> out for dining, I rather question the use of the quince.
> Quinces are only edible once they are cooked. This looks
> like raw fruit being sent out.
Fair enough,   I am just going by the fruit in the picture.  Well, maybe
early breeds of pears looked like that too.  Or maybe they are
distributing all the fresh fruits in the house to their various
destinations, including the kitchen.  Who can say without having been
there?  I'm not quite that old. Yet.

Selene C.
The pear tree in my backyard when growing and the pear tree in my FiL's yard
produce(d) quite a few pears with the hilly dimple.
Commercial grown pears are the only pears that I have seen with a smooth


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