[Sca-cooks] period pickles and preserves

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Wed Sep 3 23:37:14 PDT 2008

Freda asked:

<<< I'm new to SCA, but not new to cooking. One of my fav things to  
do is
preserves and pickles. Can someone point me to some period recipes
sources for same? >>>

Welcome to the SCA-Cooks list!  Where are you located, in the SCA and  

When you say "pickles", are you asking specifically about pickled  
cucumbers, which what many people including myself at one time, think  
of when they say "pickles"? Or are you talking about pickled foods in  

As Dragon suggested (Thanks, Dragon!) you might want to look at my  
Florilegium files.  If you've never been there, it is now a  
collection of over 2100 different files on a large range of SCA and  
medieval subjects. The URL can be seen in my sig. line below.

In the FOOD section:
pickled-foods-msg (138K) 4/ 1/08    Medieval pickled food. recipes.
Lrds-Salt-Exp-art (15K)  9/11/00    "Lord's Salt Experiment" by Lady  

In the FOOD-MEATS section:
pickled-meats-msg (60K)  3/20/08    Period pickled meats. Lord's  
Salt. recipes.

Also having to do with pickling:
vinegar-msg       (92K)  1/10/08    Vinegar in period. Making vinegar.

For "preserves", are you thinking about medieval preserved foods in  
general? Or specifically fruit preserves and jams and jellies and such?

If the latter, see this file in the FOOD-SWEETS-DECORATED section:
marmalades-msg   (104K)  4/30/07    Period marmalades and fruit  
jellies and jams

I'm also wondering whether suckets meet your definition of  
"preserves". Also in the same section:
suckets-msg        (7K)  4/ 1/02    Spices, fruit or fruit peel in a  
sugar syrup

If you meant preserved foods in general, see various files in the  
FOOD section and others on things like dried foods, smoked meats and  
food preservation.

<<< Also, where do I start to learn- sites, books etc to understand  
redaction? >>>

See these files in the FOOD section:
Redacting-art     (10K)  7/ 3/00    "The Kitchen Wench Way: Redacting  
                                        by Caointiarn.
redacting-msg     (44K)  2/20/08    Changing period recipes into  
modern format.

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