[Sca-cooks] OOP but WANT!!!!!

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Thu Sep 4 11:52:21 PDT 2008

Gaylin Walli did speak thusly:
>At the risk of quenching the lust, allow me to bring it back on topic and
>show you what can happen when you use the pot in period cooking. The
>following photos of said pot at our annual (it's tradition!) Cook's Madness
>at Pennsic:
>This is what happens when you lose track of time and don't pay attention to
>how hot your wood fire is.
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Have you found somebody to re-tin your pot?

I will be learning how to do it when I learn how to bang out a copper 
pot of my own in the not-distant future. But first I need to find an 
appropriate piece of copper to use to make said pot... and it ain't 
gonna be cheap.


  Venimus, Saltavimus, Bibimus (et naribus canium capti sumus)

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