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Thanks for posting this.

Is this a period recipe? And either way, what manuscript was this  
found in? I'm guessing the original is in French?


PS: Tomorrow (Saturday) my barony is having a demo/Renaissance Fair  
at a park. I'll be doing the Old World-New World food game we've  
talked about here in the past.  I did it last year and it went over  
well with both the SCA and the mundane folks, so I was asked to do it  
again.  This year I've also made some period gingerbread to share  
with the folks that participate in the game.

I have made this one and it worked pretty nicely.



Original text and translation:

To preserve some cucumbers
Take some small cucumbers, and leave them on a table to dry three or  
days, then take some vinegar and boil them [>it, the vinegar], and  
skim, and
let cool, then throw the cucumbers in, and leave them thus a  
fortnight or
three weeks, then throw the vinegar out, and take other vinegar  
boiled and
skimmed, and let cool, then pour it on the cucumbers and add ground  
and take some fennel seed which is almost ripe, and throw into the cask
which should be well closed, and preserve it thus.

Pour garder des concombres
Prennez des petites concombres, & les laissez sur vne table suer  
trois ou
quatre iours, puis prennez du vinaigre & les faictes boullir, &  
escumer, &
laissez refroidir, alors iettez les concombres dedans, et les laissez  
quinze iours ou trois sepmaines, puis iettez le vinaigre dehors, et  
autre vinaigre boully et escum?, et laissez refroidir, puis iettez le  
les concombres et mettez allun estamp? dedans, et prenn?s de la  
semence de
fenouille qui soit quasi meure, & iett?s dedans le tonneau qui soit bien
serr?, & le gard?s ainsi.
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