[Sca-cooks] Celia's Hundred (was RE: The Omnivore's Hundred)

Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
Sun Sep 7 13:51:13 PDT 2008

As far as I can tell, the list is sent to send plain text only. I've just
put annotations on mine for the most part. If there's no notation, I'd try
it, but have no specific interest in doing so.  Which pretty much covers
most things I haven't tried.  I tend to be pretty adventurous, and there are
only a few things that I won't generally try - and they're normally things
with ingredients I already know I don't like and/or things that are too
"hot" when it comes to spiciness. An asterisk means that I specifically want
to try it, and there's usually a reason, but sometimes it's just general

Now, my "hundred", with notations.

1. Venison - have had it... love it!
* 2. Nettle tea 
3. Huevos rancheros  - I wouldn't say I wouldn't eat it even on a bet, but
the idea of salsa (which I'm not enamored of) on eggs just doesn't appeal to
me.  I'd eat it if I were a guest and that's what the hostess served.  
* 4. Steak tartare
* 5. Crocodile - hmmm I've had fried alligator tail... does that count? 

6. Black pudding - again, wouldn't say I wouldn't try it, but the idea
doesn't appeal to me.
7. Cheese fondue - have had it.  Enjoy it.  But prefer the chocolate fondue
afterwards ;-) 
8. Carp - yes, have had carp.  It's fish... what's the point? 
* 9. Borscht - keep meaning to get this at the little Georgian restaurant I
go to when I can afford it, but they have so much on the menu I love, I just
haven't gotten around to it yet.
10. Baba ghanoush - hmmm can't say I would *never* eat it again, but not a
big fan of eggplant.

11. Calamari - love it when properly prepared.  Hate it when it isn't. 
* 12. Pho - never heard of this until I moved to California, but will try it
some day when I'm in the mood for noodles (or just out with folks who want
13. PB&J sandwich - ok, are there any americans who *haven't* ever had a
* 14. Aloo gobi - been wanting to find time to try this ever since seeing
"Bend it Like Beckham"... but I don't make it out to good, "fine" Indian
restaurant's often, and don't want to get it at a fast food place the first
15. Hot dog from a street cart  -  Of course!  As long as they're serving
all beef kosher hot dogs I'm happy ;-) 

16. Epoisses - hmmm had never heard of this one.  Wouldn't seek it out, but
would try it. 
* 17. Black truffle - I've always been conflicted about truffles.  I'm dying
to know what they'd taste like, but I'm not a big fan of mushrooms, so can't
see paying atrocious prices for what, in my brain, amounts to just another
18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes - sure... have had
peach and strawberry. Would love to try pear and watermelon and a host of
* 19. Steamed pork buns - another thing I had never heard of till
California, but would love to try. 
20. Pistachio ice cream - love it... and just get in the mood every once and
a while and have to have it.  But love it best as part of Spumoni.
*EVERYONE* should have some *really* good Spumoni, the kind made with real
kirschwaser in the cherry ice cream and with high quality chocolate ice
cream at some point. 

21. Heirloom tomatoes - ok, sure... tomatoes = good, but how different are
they from other tomatoes? 
22. Fresh wild berries - Yumm!
23. Foie gras - again, would probably try it on a dare, or to be polite, but
I hate chicken liver pate, so can't imagine enjoying fatty goose liver pate.
24. Rice and beans - yes... love rice and beans.  (LA) red beans and rice,
Caribbean black beans and rice, American kidney or pinto beans and rice, or
Mexican refried beans and rice.  It's all good. 
25. Brawn, or head cheese - think I've tried this as a luncheon meat, but
not sure.  But sure, would try it.

26. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper - alright, *NO* to raw peppers of *ANY KIND* I
have a very low tolerance for the heat. 
27. Dulce de leche - can take it or leave it.  Oddly enough... it's too
sweet for me, which is saying a lot. 
28. Oysters - well, realistically I probably would try them again if someone
served them, as I know from experience that things I don't 'like' can
sometimes be prepared so that I *do* like them, but have had them raw,
steamed and fried and didn't like them. 
29. Baklava (Both Greek and Persian) - hmmm... not sure if I've had Persian!
Didn't realize there was a difference... gotta go out and find some Persian
baklava now! What's the difference? 
* 30. Bagna cauda  - been wanting to try this since the B5 episode where I
learned about it, and found a recipe that I'm going to try when the time is

31. Wasabi peas - Nope... again... it's the heat.  I'm just too much of a
32. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl - OMG!  Yes!
* 33. Salted lassi  - hmmm... I've had the sweet, and salty seems a bit
strange, but now I want to try it of course.
34. Sauerkraut - sometimes love it.  Love it with smoked sausage, and on hot
dogs... or just when I'm in the mood.
35. Root beer float  - OMG!  Yes!

36. Cognac with a fat cigar - Oh, NWiH!  Can't stand the smell of cigars,
hate to be around people smoking them, and would never put one of those
nasty things in my mouth!  Is that emphatic enough?  On the other hand, a
good cognac, of course! 
* 37. Clotted cream tea - hmmm have heard of clotted cream on scones... *oh*
I see... that's *called* "clotted cream tea"... yes, intend to have this the
next time I'm in the UK.  May chance it if the British tavern here in San
Diego serves it, but won't know if it's authentic till I've had it there :) 
* 38. Vodka jelly - sure.  Never heard of it before, but why not? 
39. Gumbo - not a big fan, but would eat to be polite. Don't care for tomato
sauce with seafood just generally, and I'm a wimp, so it's generally too
spicy for my taste.
40. Oxtail - wouldn't look it up, but wouldn't turn it down either. 

41. Curried goat - how does this differ from curried anything else?  So I
wouldn't seek it out, but wouldn't automatically turn it down.  I'm a bit
finicky about curries, so my question tends to be "is this hot or mild".
I'll try and often enjoy mild curries, but have had very bad (almost
"allergic") reactions to hot curries. 
42. Whole insects - hmmm... ok, I *might* screw up my courage to the
sticking place to try these, depending on the setting.
43. Phaal - NOPE... see remarks above re curries and hotness. ;-) 
44. Goat’s milk - sure!  I've had goat milk cheese... why not try the milk
it's made from.
45. Malt whisky from a bottle worth £60/$120 or more - as long as someone
else is paying for the bottle ;-)  I have had good, but not that expensive
scotch malt.  But don't enjoy it enough to spend that much money on it.

46.Fugu- Ummm... no... sorry, not that ballsy.  My adventurousness stops
where someone can kill me by being inept!
47. Chicken tikka masala - I love chicken tikki masala.  I'm not very big
into Indian food, and this and masala keema (beef keema) are two of my
favorites at the fast food Indian places that show up in the malls around
48. Eel - the little Japanese restaurants around her serve really great
unagi with BBQ sauce.  Sounded weird at first, but it's great!
49. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut - OMG, YES!  I grew up watching
for that "Hot Donuts" light to go on!  Have trouble finding them out here in
S.D. tho'.  There are a couple of KK places, but not near me (and I use
public transportation) and the stores nearest me don't carry them ... which
is good, I guess, since I shouldn't have them... but it means when I do see
them, I'm like a backsliding addict. 
* 50. Sea urchin - gosh!  Sounds interesting!

51. Prickly pear - sure!  as long as someone else peals it for me ;-)  
52. Umeboshi - sure.
53. Abalone - sure... as long as it's not one of the endangered species. 
54. Paneer - ok.  not a big fan of "blue" cheeses, except in dressings, but
55. McDonald’s Big Mac Meal - uh, duh... American here. 

* 56. Spaetzle - Keep meaning to make these now that I have a ricer with
spaetzle disks, but never get around-tuit.
* 57. Dirty gin martini - one of these days.  I feel obligated to try it
just for the purpose of "cultural literacy", even though I don't like
58. Beer above 8% ABV - I generally hate beer... but I've tried different
types, again, for cultural literacy, and so that I know what the different
flavor ranges are and what they might compliment.
* 59. Poutine - sure.  I've had fries with brown gravy.  Not my fave, but
not bad.  Adding cheeses curds sounds like a strange combination to me, but
you never know until you try. 
60. Carob chips - Don't love 'em.  Don't hate 'em.  Not an acceptable
chocolate substitute, but ok on their own merits.

61. S’mores - Yumm!  *And* "Banana boats".  I always loved banana boats much
better tho'. 
62. Sweetbreads - sure... I love rolls and muffins and... OH!  You mean
"sweetbreads" not "sweet breads"... hmmm... well, wouldn't say I would never
try them.  Have eaten fried squirrel brains and loved them.  And I don't
like kidneys or hearts, but do like gizzards... So, yeah, no reason I
wouldn't try glands. 
63. Kaolin - I'm sorry, had never heard of this and the only reference I can
find is to a clay.  People eat clay?  As a culinary treat?  ... Alright,
doesn't look harmful, so I guess I could try it, but why?  Just for the
minerals?  That's sounds like eating chalk to get the calcium. 
64. Currywurst - ok, admittedly, I might be coaxed, but probably not.
Everything I find about it says it's *hot, hot, HOT!*.  
65. Durian - I don't know... until I smell it, I can't tell you if it would
repel me or not.

66. Frogs’ legs - Yumm!
67. Beignets, churros, elephant ears or funnel cake  - OMG!  every day of
the week (especially the first and the last) if I had easy access to them
and it wouldn't kill me. 
* 68. Haggis - again... this is a must try for reasons of cultural literacy.
How can you be part Scottish and *not* be willing to try haggis ;-) 
69. Fried plantain - Double YUMM!
70. Chitterlings, or andouillette - the first, I just don't like, it tastes
too bitter to me... the second is far too hot for my taste.

* 71. Gazpacho - someday... when I'm in the mood for cold soup :) 
* 72. Caviar and blini - hmmm... ok.  I've tried them separately.  I like
blintzes, don't care for caviar much... but sure, I'd try them together if
served. I love blintzes with sweet, fruity toppings, but would be willing to
try them with savory, salty toppings.
* 73. Louche absinthe - have been wanting to try this, but being in the US,
haven't had the opportunity.
* 74. Gjetost, or brunost  - yet another thing I hadn't heard of, but it
sound's interesting and I like many types of cheese.
75. Roadkill - almost certainly not.. let me clarify.  I would eat most of
the animals who show up as road kill, however there are two reasons I
wouldn't normally eat roadkill.  First, if I didn't kill it myself (i.e., if
I'm not the one who hit it) I have no idea how long it's been lying there.
Second, even if I am the one who hit it, most animals who are killed by a
vehicle are frozen in fright just before they're killed, which means there's
a very high probability the meat is full of adrenalin.  I've had adrenalin
tainted meat... it's *not* good.  So, I would eat it if starving, but would
be unlikely to eat it otherwise. 

* 76. Baijiu  - Gee!  I had no idea the Chinese had their own version of
"white lightnin'" ;-) 
77. Hostess Fruit Pie - Grew up on fried pies from a local bakery (not
Hostess) and used to love them, but now-a-days they seem to mostly be all
crust and sugar, almost no fruit and I haven't enjoyed them much since.
'Course... we used to get them hot, right out of the fryer (the bakery was
behind the elementary school... how's that for location!) *before* they were
coated with a sugar glaze, too. 
* 78. Snail - one day, when I'm flush and being indulgent, there's a French
restaurant here in S.D. that serves escargot.
* 79. Lapsang souchong  - sounds interesting!  Not sure I'll like smoky tea,
but I'll certainly try it. 
* 80. Bellini - Oh!  absolutely.  Not a big fan of most wines, but do like
sparkling wines as long as they're not too dry.  The addition of the peach
puree should ensure even the driest wine won't be too "dry" for me.

81. Tom yum - That's a No.  again, see notes about hotness.
82. Eggs Benedict - not a big fan of Hollandaise sauce, but otherwises,
yumm... and like many of the variations, especially if you replace the
hollandaise sauce ;-) 
83. Pocky - not a big fan, but some flavors are ok.
* 84. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant - OF COURSE!  If I
could afford it!
* 85. Kobe beef  - ditto!

86. Hare - Yumm!  I especially like fried rabbit, but stewed and braised are
also nummy.
87. Goulash - ok, asking if someone likes "goulash" is like asking if they
like "stew"... pretty much, if you cook it, you should make it so that you
like it.  My Dad used to make goulash at least once a week with whatever was
left over from the week. 
* 88. Flowers - hmmm... I've had some flower waters.  Can't remember if I've
had flowers, but I haven't had them all.  Want to try candied violets, for
example.  Don't care for the taste of rosewater or roses, but love orange
blossom water, so am open to trying different flowers. 
89. Horse - ok, I'd try it... won't go out of my way, though.  
* 90. Criollo chocolate  - never heard of it till now. 

91. Spam - Being broke right now, I regularly substitute SPAM for bacon or
canadian bacon, as it's generally cheaper. 
92. Soft shell crab - have only had this once, so haven't given it a fair
trial yet.  It was *ok*, just ok.  Didn't hate it, didn't particularly like
it either.  Will try it again someplace else someday.
93. Rose harissa - probably not... see notes above re: hotness and
94. Catfish - one of life's staples!  One cannot live for long without
catfish ;-) 
95. Mole poblano - not likely to try it, but would taste if served as a
guest.  I'm not a big fan of mole, and don't care for poblanos (see hotness

96. Bagel and lox - yep!  Not a big fan of them together, but get an
occasional craving. Largely not a big fan because I prefer (the drier) Nova
lox or Nordic style lox to the more slimy type you get in the delis.  So I
enjoy it when I am up for smoked salmon and buy the type I like, but when I
do, I'm more likely to have the smoked salmon on toast points and the bagel
with eggs & Canadian bacon or with flavored cream cheese.
* 97. Lobster Thermidor - never had it.  But like lobster :) 
* 98. Polenta - Have never actually had polenta... but have had yellow
grits, and fried grits, and formed grits.  So expect it's similar. Tend to
prefer my grits like a barbarian (served as a hot cereal with sugar, butter
and milk), so don't know how much I'll enjoy polenta, but it's on the list
of things I must try. 
99. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee - wasn't a big fan, and won't pay the
exorbitant prices for it.  *Will* pay the exorbitant prices for Kona, when I
have the cash,  tho' ;-) 
100. Snake - why not... I mean, it "tastes just like chicken", right ;-)

And as for the add on... no... sorry... I'm afraid that's one of those few
things which hit an emotional revulsion button for me.  

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