[Sca-cooks] Philosophical questions regarding a "must-eat" list

Kingstaste kingstaste at comcast.net
Sun Sep 7 15:36:23 PDT 2008

Adamantius wrote:

One of the problems we're going to run across with this list of foods  
is that there are some enormous variations ...<snip>

So, you have to wonder about some of the foods that are turning some  
people off, and whether some of the potential variations are directly  
involved in whether people like a particular food, or not, or even  
affecting the question of whether they'll even try some of them.
_ _ _ _ _

I am struck that many people are coming up with answers that are similar on
foods that they are not that impressed with.   So far, it seems that Krispy
Kremes (I suspect that one is more of a regional nostalgia), black truffles,
Blue Mountain coffee, balut(that one is more of a 'dare' food than a
'must-eat' anyway), carp, and a few others get rated by a pretty good
cross-section of us as 'why bother' foods.  I suppose the pb&j earns the
position on 'must-eat' as a really American food, and has anyone in the
world really not ever eaten some combination of rice and beans?  The
original author obviously was going on their top 100, but I'm sure we could
come up with 20 or so that would replace some of the more mundane and be a
better "must-eat" sort of Bucket List!  


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