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Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
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Cool!  Thanks for the additional information.  I like most Jamaican foods,
except that I'm not particularly fond of "jerk" (many of them are too "hot"
for me to enjoy, but I love a mild "jerk".)  I'll keep an eye out for it the
next time I'm in a Jamaican restaurant. 

I know there are several S.D. folks on the list here, so this seems an
opportune time to ask... does anyone know of any Jamaican restaurants here
in San Diego? Or Cuban? I haven't been able to find either here... figured
it's an East Coast/West Coast thing, but if there are any here, I'd love to
know about them!

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Curried goat is a Jamaican specialty, and while the curry is similar in
nature (due to a large East Indian population among the Jamaican hills) it
is unlike any other curry you would find in an Indian restaurant.  It is
more of a brown gravy curry, stewed with other vegetables, the goat slow
cooked on big bone chunks.  Very good, and usually not terribly spicy.  

Lady Celia wrote:

>41. Curried goat - how does this differ from curried anything else?  So I
>wouldn't seek it out, but wouldn't automatically turn it down.  I'm a bit
>finicky about curries, so my question tends to be "is this hot or mild".
>I'll try and often enjoy mild curries, but have had very bad (almost
>"allergic") reactions to hot curries. 

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