[Sca-cooks] The Omnivore's Hundred

Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
Sun Sep 7 17:51:58 PDT 2008

Lilinah said: 

<<Well, if clotted cream tea is tea with scones and jam and clotted 
cream, i had that more than once in 1961, when i was in England and 
France with my parents, and probably again in '73 when i was living 
in France and went with a friend to visit some of his friends in 

And here i was imagining putting clotted/Devonshire cream into a cup of

I was too :)  But wikipedia says that clotted cream served on scones w/jam
was called 'clotted cream tea', so I would guess that's like a "Devonshire
tea" being a tea where scones with "Devonshire (clotted) cream" is served.
Inside the UK, "Devonshire cream" is specifically clotted cream from the
Devonshire region, or so I was led to understand when I was in the UK.

<<Since the price of the whiskey was in pounds, i figured the meme had 
originated in England and that's why i assumed Vodka jelly was what 
we call Jello shots.>>

I think you're likely right, that the person who wrote the meme was likely
someone I the UK.  It seems absolutely foreign to me that they could
possibly not have tried a Big Mac meal if they're in the US (well, ok, if
they were raised strict vegan or Amish or in some other faith/belief that
eschewed fast food... but it's counter-cultural to not have ever had a Big
Mac, even if you're smart enough to not eat them.)  I didn't pick up on
that.  Just saw in the wiki that vodka jelly=jello shots : ) 

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