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> > I ended up in a discussion at Pennsic with a gentle who was recounting the
> > period use of telling the rosary as, effectively, an egg timer. As it was
> > one of those passing conversations that just happen in the merchant area, I
> > didn't think to ask *where* he had found this, other than in a cookery
> > book.
> > Does this use jog anyone's memory? A citation would be lovely, though I'll
> > happily take whatever anyone can give me.

 From a post in 2002:

Here are four from the Libro de Guisados:

# 42
Almodrote, which is Capirotada
"You shall take partridges and after they have been well-plucked, put them
between the embers; and when they have been there for the space of a
Paternoster, take them out and clean everything off them, and roast them..."

# 48
Kid Pie
"...and a little before you remove it from the oven, beat some eggs with
verjuice or orange juice and put it in the empanada though the vent hole on
the top of the empanada, and then return it to the oven for the space of three
Paternosters ..."

# 130
Meat or fish Pastry
"And then return it to the oven for the space of a Paternoster and an Ave

# 92
Casserole for Invalids
"...and then return it to the oven and leave it there for the space of a

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