[Sca-cooks] Mukka initial review - OT, OOP

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 8 10:05:19 PDT 2008

>>I just got this for Elizabeth http://www.bialettishop.com/MukkaMain.htm
>>I got the cow pattern of course. 

> Would you please give a review of it after you try it? My son-in-law loves
> cow-themed things.
> Alys K.

After playing with it for a couple of days I'm not too
impressed. The latte/cappucino from it seems to taste
a bit flat and watery. We are needing to tweak the
quantities of milk and ground coffee a bit. 

Another problem is that you have to be very careful in
how the upper and lower sections are screwed together.
We have experienced several events of coffee leaking
through the seal and dripping down over the burner as
well as spraying a mist of espresso all over the stove.

After spending $90 for this thing I was hoping for a
bit better experience. We'll keep tinkering with it to
see if we can correct the problems.

The pot also came with a CD that I think we are going
to have to review to make sure we are doing everything

But right now I'd advise folks to pass on this one.

If I manage to fix the problems and fall in love with it
I'll let y'all know.

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