[Sca-cooks] Semi-topical query re one of The Hundred: Cigars

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Mon Sep 8 17:00:14 PDT 2008

Adamantius asked:

<<< I'm going out on a limb here. I was interested to see some of the
comments on one of the objects mentioned among the Hundred Foods/
Gustatory Experiences one should have in his/her lifetime. The item?
Cigars. >>>

Well, I've never smoked cigars, but here is an "second hand opinion",  
yes pun intended.  I prefer the smell of pipe tobacco more than  
cigars and cigarettes. I'm not sure why the types smell different,  
but they do.  Perhaps the higher quality stuff goes into the pipe and  
then the cigar tobacco.  But then I prefer the smell of marijuana to  
most of the tobacco I've smelled.

<<< A virtual smack on the head to those who tell me "Cubans," which is
approximately as meaningless as telling me you like any wine as long
as it's French. Cuban what??? Why? >>>

Well, I'll still say a "Cuban".  Why? Yes, I know that there are  
different grades and conditions in which they are grown, even on such  
a small island.  But I would choose a "Cuban" because I consider the  
current administration's efforts to strengthen rather than loosen the  
embargo of Cuba to be pandering to a small minority in southern  
Florida and ineffective anyway.  My opinion is that opening trade  
with Cuba will do more to change the island than forty years of  
blockade have.

(Stefan doesn't know anything about tobacco or those other leaves  
from the east.)
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