[Sca-cooks] nafila fatima?

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Perhaps this is closer?  Galactobouriko, A custard filled filo dessert with a light syrup


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Hi, I am in Skopje, Macedonia, in a meeting, and I am often invited to eat
homemade food in people's places. Today I ate one of the most tasty pastry I
ever had, it's called NAFILA FATIMA (IBeautiful Fatima, my hosts told me)
and it cames from the Ottoman empire but it's no longer made in modern
Turkey. It's a very rich pastry made with 15 eggs, a kilo butter and little
flour. It's takes several hours to bake it, they use a very thin roller pin.
I searched the Florilegium but didn't find anything similar. I searched in
Google for the name but didn't got any hit.
Do someone know what I am talking about?

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