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Ana wrote:
>Hi, I am in Skopje, Macedonia, in a meeting, and I am often invited to eat
>homemade food in people's places. Today I ate one of the most tasty pastry I
>ever had, it's called NAFILA FATIMA (Beautiful Fatima, my hosts told me)
>and it cames from the Ottoman empire but it's no longer made in modern
>Turkey. It's a very rich pastry made with 15 eggs, a kilo butter and little
>flour. It's takes several hours to bake it, they use a very thin roller pin.
>I searched the Florilegium but didn't find anything similar. I searched in
>Google for the name but didn't got any hit.

Like you i couldn't find a recipe on Google for Nafila Fatima, using 
a variety of search parameters. I found several Macedonian pastries 
(baklava, kadaif rolls, butter cake with raisins, and gurabii)

A local Mittl and Eastern European bakery makes "Fatima's Thighs". A 
tender rich pastry dough is rolled out thin, spread with chopped nuts 
and dried fruit and orange blossom and rosewater, then rolled up 
(like a jelly roll or spiral) and baked. Each pastry is about 4" long 
and 1-1/2" wide.

Probably not the same thing, but quite delicious. And all the 
references i'm finding on Google for "Fatima's Thighs" lead 
ultimately to Crixa...

What was the shape of the nafila fatima? Thin sheets stacked and cut? 
One thin sheet rolled up? Something else?

Did it have a filling? was it dusted with powdered sugar or covered with syrup?
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