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> Our local barony had their Anniversary Tournament on Saturday and there 
> was a pot luck luncheon at noon.  Here are the recipes that I used and my 
> redactions with commentaries.
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> To boile onions [From The good huswifes Jewell. 1596]
> Take a good many onions and cut them in four quarters, set them on the 
> fire in as much water as you think will boile them tender, and when they 
> be clean skimmed, put in a good many raisons, halfe a grose pepper, a good 
> peece of sugar, and a little salte, and when the onions be through boiled, 
> beat the yolke of an Egge with Vergious, and put into your pot and so 
> serve it upon soppes.  If you will, poch Egges and lay upon them.
> My redaction:
> 3 large sweet onions, pealed and quartered.
> 8 oz. raisins
> 1 tsp. pepper
> 1 tbsp. sugar
> 1 tsp. salt
> 16 oz water
> Toasted bread for sops
> 3 hard boiled eggs, sliced
> Throw first six ingredients into a crock pot and boil on high for 7 hours. 
> Serve with the sops and decorate with sliced eggs.
> This was the last item that I made.  I almost decided not to make this as 
> it was late and I was very tired.  I didn't relish standing over a hot 
> stove watching this boil.  Just as I was about to go to bed, the thought 
> occured to me that I could make this in a crock pot and still get some 
> sleep.  I decided to hard boil the eggs as I thought it would be prettier 
> to decorate with them than with a poached egg.  I also didn't thicken this 
> dish, because the onions remained so large.  If they had mushed up, I 
> would have added the thickener.  The next time I make this, I will chop 
> the onions finer.  While this dish tasted very good, the large pieces of 
> onion were somewhat hard to keep on the sops.  But that is just a personal 
> choice for me.
>> Huette

This is the same recipe I just had a go at for our Baronial cooking group. 
Here is my version:

2-3 medium yelow onions, cut in eight to ten wedges
1 half ounce box of raisins (a little more than a quarter cup)
3 table spoons sugar
one half tsp freshly ground black pepper
one quarter tsp salt
1 egg yolk
2 and a half tablespoons apple cider vinegar
4 big slices sheephearder's bread, cut in half, toasted and crusts removed

Put the onions in a skillet with just enough water to come to the top but 
not cover the onions (about one and a half to two cups) and bring to a boil 
over medium heat. Add the raisins, sugar, salt and pepper. Cover and simmer 
over low heat until the onions are just fork tender. While the onion mix is 
simmering, seperate the egg and discard the white. Stir the vinegar and yolk 
together with a fork.
Once the onions are tender, use a slotted spoon to remove most of the onions 
and raisins to another container and reserve. Return the remaining liquid to 
medium heat and slowly dizzle in the yolk mix, stirring constantly so the 
eggs don't coagulate. Contnue to stir the sauce for another five to ten 
minutes and then pour it over the reserved onion mix. Place a half piece of 
toast on each persons plate or bowl and then spoon the onion, raisins and 
sauce over and serve.

Serves 8 as a side dish

I cut the onions into smaller wedges because I didn't want as big of pieces 
as quartering them would have made, but I wanted to retain the shape. I used 
the cider vinegar instead of verjuice because I didn't have any and I wanted 
something to substitute that would be sour, a little fruity and have some 
acidity. Katheline (another member of our group) then told us that in this 
time in England verjuice was made out of sour crab apples instead of 
immature grapes like in the rest of Europe so this makes a reasonable 
substitute. I didn't use the egg but sliced hard-boiled egg does sound like 
an interesting alternative. This was really tasty.


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