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It would be a great book to drive a course around (with other  
But totally agree - Good for beginners, not great for those with  


Food is life. May the plenty that graces your table truly be a VAST  

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On Sep 16, 2008, at 11:12 AM, Elise Fleming wrote:

> Gwen asked about Ken Albala's "Cooking in Europe".  My personal  
> impression
> is that it's a fairly general, for-non-experienced-cooks book.  He  
> gives a
> lot of recipes from medieval cookery texts, either English  
> translations or
> the English text.  There are no modern interpretations of the  
> recipes but
> he does do an explanation of what he thinks is happening in the  
> recipe.
> The first eight pages comprise a list of the recipes.  Then there  
> are eight
> pages listing the recipes by country and time (Middle Ages,  
> Renaissance,
> Late Renaissance and Elizabethan Era.  There is one sheet (two page/ 
> sides)
> of "Recipes for Special Occasions" which includes the ever-popular  
> roasted
> cat recipe.  Next come 6 pages/sides of a glossary for terms such as
> trencher, verjuice,soffrito, comfits, leach... you get the idea.  Then
> follow 8 pages of series foreword, acknowledgement and preface.  The
> Introduction, which is the teaching/explantory part of the book  
> comprises
> pages 1-28, covering topics such as safety, finding spices, ovens,  
> finding
> a recipe, meal structure, sauces, meat, tableware, unfamiliar  
> flavors and
> practices...  The recipes start on page 29 and go to page 135.
> So, if you are a beginner or not terribly experienced, you will  
> probably
> glean quite a bit.  If you are experienced with medieval cookery,  
> it might
> be nice to have just to say you have it and share it with someone,  
> but you
> might not get a lot from it unless his explanations of certain recipes
> fills your knowledge gap.
> Does this help?
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