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<<< This may confuse the matter when one says black currants as there  
are black current that are not Zantes but when it says Raisens of  
Corinth, it is zante raisens

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2) Raisins of Corinth, also called Black Currants or Zante Currants.

Euriol >>>

This definitely has me confused again.  When we discussed this in the  
past few months I thought I had this figured out, and have edited  
this new Florilegium file (not uploaded to the website yet).

currants-msg      (22K)  9/ 3/08    Medieval currants. Red or black  
                                        not "raisins of Corinth".

So "raisins of Corinth" are Zante raisins, but they are *not* black  
currants, right?

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