[Sca-cooks] Haaaaaaaaaaalp!!!!!!

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>HI all!
>I'm pulling together the shopping list/ menu, etc for this weekend's 
>tourney, and have found that a recupe I want to use is mysteriously 
>missing from my notebook. It was called 'Angel food', was a blend of 
>soft cheeses and (I think) rosewater and sugar. But I can't find it 
>anywhere and a quick search of online sources are not turning it up. 
>Does anyone recognize it, offhand, Where is it from? I really want to 
>make it this weekend but I'm not certain on the ingredients!
>Any help is much appreciated,
Until someone who actually the recipe turns up, my Google-fu found this:


To me, it sounds a bit like a filling that could have been used for cannoli (pre-vanilla and pre bittersweet chocolate) ...

I'd add mascarpone cheese in there, too, for more texture.

And speaking of cannoli, these look yummy:



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