[Sca-cooks] Vikings in Minnesota

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They are not to far from me.  My 22 year old son (who has long red hair and 
beard, is 6'3'')  occasionally plays a Viking for them.  The gentleman who 
runs it (who I have only met in passing) is pretty kewl.

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> Perhaps some of you saw this on SCAtoday - a "Nordic Inn" that has been 
> opened in Northshield (http://www.vikinginn.com/default.asp ).  They offer 
> food and the last paragraph says:
> "The Vikings were seafaring people who traveled the world and spread their 
> culture through Europe. In doing so they also picked up things from other 
> cultures. Our menu is varied in celebration of the Vikings rich history. 
> We serve our food with the pride and the robust nature of the Vikings in 
> our Viking attire. When you choose The Barbarian Banquet Company you have 
> chosen not only grand food service but the gift of memories. 
> (http://www.yourfeast.com/ )"
> This lovely fare includes tomatoes and chocolate.  The Vikings certainly 
> traveled far... in time, if nothing else!  Curry, potatoes, broccoli and 
> the ever-popular roasted turkey legs are included in the "Viking" fare.
> And, to clothe yourself in Viking garb, check http://www.vikingvear.com/ .
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