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There were several 'false' Viking settlements, hoaxs perpretrated in the late 19th/early 20th centuries in Canada and North America.

Eric the Red founded the first settlements in Greenland.  His son, Lief Erikson explored and settled in Vinland/North America.  L'Anse Aux Meadows is the only know/discovered settlement, but the sagas describe more than one settlement.  Other than  a single coin found in a Native American trash heap in Maine, little to no evidence exists other than Meadows.

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I was wondering about that myself. What part of the Viking era is OOP?  
Are these modern Norse or other Scandinavians, or a very old  
reenactment group? Or did they just get lost for a really long time?  
Is it possible to earn a living in modern Minnesota going a-Viking? Or  
do they work at WalMart in that long off-season?


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>> Not far from me here in Central Ontario there was a viking  
>> settlement  in 1874. They would have eaten wild turkey and  
>> potatoes. Not period  but definitely viking.
> Um... sorry, that failed to make sense.  Did you mean a Viking  
> settlement _found_ in Ontario in 1874?  That seems kind of farfetched.
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