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Ouch, did anyone look at the prices? A weekend is like $1800.  If I am going to spend that much, I think I would rather find a real castle to spend the night in. And I am not sure what "Viking Vear" is, but it comes with the room.


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Interesting Renish Faire stuff. I have a wee bit o' problem with the
barbaric label but I am hoping that it is tongue 'n' cheek or possibly
ignorance. The garb, hats and setting has my SNARK screaming to get out, so
lets just say.... "interest sterio type" and I'll just move on.

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Perhaps some of you saw this on SCAtoday - a "Nordic Inn" that has
opened in Northshield (http://www.vikinginn.com/default.asp ).  They offer
food and the last paragraph says:

"The Vikings were seafaring people who traveled the world and spread their
culture through Europe. In doing so they also picked up things from other
cultures. Our menu is varied in celebration of the Vikings rich history. We
serve our food with the pride and the robust nature of the Vikings in our
Viking attire. When you choose The Barbarian Banquet Company you have chosen
not only grand food service but the gift of memories.
(http://www.yourfeast.com/ )"

This lovely fare includes tomatoes and chocolate.  The Vikings certainly
traveled far... in time, if nothing else!  Curry, potatoes, broccoli and the
ever-popular roasted turkey legs are included in the "Viking" fare.

And, to clothe yourself in Viking garb, check http://www.vikingvear.com/ .

Elise Fleming
alysk at ix.netcom.com

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