[Sca-cooks] Known World Cooks and Bards Classes update

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Sep 22 11:04:40 PDT 2008

Hi Folks,

The Known World Cooks and Bards staff recently discovered a problem with
delivery for the class email address, kwcb-classes at andrew.cmu.edu -- this
has been fixed, but several emails sent to this address have been lost.

If you have contacted kwcb-classes at andrew.cmu.edu about classes at this
event, and have not received a reply, my most sincere apologies -- can you
please send it again?  I promise you'll hear back this time!

Also, more teachers are wanted in all tracts (cooking, brewing, bardic).
Email kwcb-classes at andrew.cmu.edu for details!

On the event attendance side, plenty of space is still available. The event
runs Friday evening through Monday morning, with two full days of classes
(Nov 7 - Nov 10). Bunk space is available (the cabins are very nice, clean,
and the bunks are comfortable). Handicapped accessible rooms are available
onsite. If you prefer to stay at a hotel, the site fee covers the entire
event (so if you pay on Friday evening, you don't have to pay anything
more). There is no tent or trailer camping, but if you need crash space,
let the event staff know (kwcb-info at andrew.cmu.edu), and we'll do our best
to find a good spot for you.

We've added a library that will be open Saturday and Sunday with books on
all subjects, and the ability to contribute/view/print class notes, and
scan/print relevant documents (so if you want a copy of that one true page
you've been looking for, you can make one). There'll be a list up soon of
books that will be available; if you would like to lend a book for the
weekend, just bring it along (or, if you would like it posted on the list
of books to be available, send email to kwcb-info at andrew.cmu.edu).

Also, proceedings -- anyone have anything for the proceedings?  This will
be on CD, and include (hopefully) information from all tracts. I know time
is short (the website says the deadline is Oct 1, but I'm pretty sure this
is going to be extended), but if you have class notes, articles, or just
tips that you'd like to include, please send it to
kwcb-proceedings at andrew.cmu.edu!

We're hoping for merchants -- if you would like to merchant at this event,
please contact kwcb-merchants at andrew.cmu.edu. There is no extra charge for

For more information, see the event website:


Thanks and hope to see you there!

toodles, margaret
(Nebulous event staff)

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