[Sca-cooks] Kjnown World Cooks and Bards -- official announcement

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Sep 22 18:46:27 PDT 2008

Hi Folks,

Here's the official posting (as a followup to my post from earlier today).

Greetings, all, from the autocrat and staff of the upcoming Fifth Known
World Bardic Congress and Cooks Collegium!  Below are supplemental
announcements related to the event.  We hope that you will forward this
message far and wide, so that it will be of best service to all who may

MARK THE DATE!  November 7-10, 2008 at Crestfield Camp & Conference Center,
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania (15 minutes from Cooper's Lake).  Updated
announcements and class listings will be posted on our web page,

RESERVATIONS.  There is still ample cabin and feast space available, and we
will continue to accept pre-registrations (based on postmark) until October
31.  See the event web page for details.

CALL FOR TEACHERS.  We still have room for additional classes.  Even if you
are not yet sure that you want to offer a class, let us know what you might
like to teach, and also let us know of any help you might need to make it
possible (e.g.,
co-teachers, equipment, a kitchen or propane stove).  Also, feel free to
suggest that class that you always wanted to take!

ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATIONS.  The event does not permit tent camping, and
the township does not permit sleeping in vehicles, but if you are unable to
afford cabin spaces and would like to attend the event, let us know and we
will try to find you crash space near the site.  Please specify the number
of crashers, smoking preference and any pet allergies.  If you require
handicapped accommodations on site, we ask that you send us your
reservation early so that we may guarantee appropriate arrangements.

CABINS/BATHROOMS.  The brochure says that the cabins will have bathrooms.
Unfortunately, we recently learned that the site did not get the funding
they expected, and they never installed them.  The good news is, each
cluster of three cabins has its own heated bathhouse (with sinks, showers
and plenty of flushies!) within a stone's throw.  The bunk beds in the
cabins have unsheeted mattresses, but you will need to bring pillows,
blankets and any additional bedding necessary for your comfort.

ALCOHOL.  The site will be "discreetly damp."  Period containers, no kegs,
and we request that you pack your empties.  Common sense applies, please:
becoming drunk and disorderly will be cause for removal from the site.

MERCHANTS.  Merchants are welcome at Cooks & Bards at no extra fee!
Please contact our merchant liaison at
kwcb-merchants at andrew-dot-cmu-dot-edu.  Non-merchants with items to sell
are welcome to do so informally, and a table will be provided where you may
place a sample of your wares (at your own risk) along with personal
information (such as a photo) that will enable your customers to identify
you on site.

PROCEEDINGS.  Even if you do not intend to teach, consider submitting
articles, recipes or stand-alone class handouts for inclusion in the event
proceedings, to kwcb-proceedings at andrew-dot-cmu-dot-edu.

QUESTIONS.  Ask 'em!  We aim to please.  kwcb-info at andrew-dot-cmu-dot-edu.

JOIN US!  And let the fun begin.

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